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Illuminati is a name that is given to different numerous groups that might be real or not. It’s a name that refers to the secret society that was in 1776 in the moth of May and it goes by the name of BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI. As we were acknowledging you that it’s all about the spiritual enlightenment, but in fact the word illuminati coms from the Latin meaning of Enlightened Ones. This secret society or group had different objectives and some of them were to oppose the religious influence over the different things like public life and abuses of state power. It’s main objective was to bring upon the New World Order via the most powerful and effective spiritual enlightenment.

Initially, the members of the illuminati group or society were five. The German philosopher, Adam Weishapt, founded it. According to the illuminati, their top objective was to achieve the one world government. So, by this we mean that, illuminati comes from several years back. The founder who was from the Catholic Church organized the illuminati society successfully via the financing from the international bankers. The founder wrote out the master plan during the years of 1770’s to make clear of all the illuminati’s objectives and aims. During the moment when this master plan’s by the founder was introduced, the two nations that were the greatest world powers were Britain and France.

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