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Patel Market, Rajouri Garden, Near IDBI Bank, New Delhi

Diabetes is a disease in which the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high. A high glucose level for several years can damage the tissues and fibers of the penis causing diabetic impotence or diabetic erectile dysfunction.
How does diabetes affect erection problems?
Diabetes can damage the nerves, erectile tissue and small blood vessels in the penis.
This damage can result in the following complications:
• Damage to the erectile tissue will not allow the muscle fibers of the penis to relax properly.
• Nerve damage can result in fewer penile sensations and less signaling to it from the brain, making it harder to get and maintain an erection.
• Damage to the blood vessels will also prevent the erectile tissue from filling with blood.
Anyone who has diabetic impotence and feels it is the cause of problems in their sex life should talk about it with their doctor. The doctor can check for changes in the arteries or nervous system. Sometimes these aspects need special attention for themselves. The doctor can also check if any medication you are taking contributes to erectile dysfunction.
Fortunately, the treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetes has improved considerably. Often the first step – recognizing the problem – is the biggest obstacle. Once you have passed, and with the help and support of your partner and the doctor, you can begin the treatment.
What treatments are available?
The vast majority of treatments are available today which are effective in men with diabetes. It is about finding the right one for you. Oral medications are often used as the first line of treatment (different treatment options with different duration of action and some daily treatment), taking into account other treatment options if these do not work for the best treatment. For more detail contact us at + 91-9999367159 or visit

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Address Patel Market, Rajouri Garden, Near IDBI Bank, New Delhi