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The writing section of the OET comprises of a single task in which the test takers need to write a letter. You have to read on for an explanation of the section’s structure and scoring system.
The writing aspect is designed to suit those working in healthcare professionals like veterinary science, nursing, dentistry, etc. This aspect of the exam is structured in the similar way. Candidates have 45 minutes to write a professional letter.
The writing phase has one task only in OET. The objective of the writing section is to have a real world situation and measure the ability of the candidate to respond to the workplace scenarios. The candidates are tasked with writing a referral letter for a patient.
The form of the letter alters on occasion and it may be a letter of transfer or letter giving advice to a caregiver or a patient. Candidates will be given stimulus materials like case note or any relevant documentation. This information is a guide and has to be included into the candidate’s response.
The responses have to be in between 180 to 200 words. Candidates need five minutes to go through the instructions and case notes and organize their thoughts. This planning phase is in the testing period and that means the candidates have 40 minutes to write their response.
The writing aspect of OET awards grades from A to E. A is the best and E is the worst. Exams are graded by the examiners to make sure there is accuracy and regularity. Examiners grade by making use of a detailed guide that monitors overall task fulfillment, stimulus comprehension, presentation features like punctuation, layout and spelling.

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